Finding You

In this world it's easy to get caught up in something and lose sight of who you really are. Knowing who are and being secure with that is one of the most important things. Important in the sense other people know who you are, but most importantly in the sense you know who are. Changing from the person you were a year ago isn't a bad thing. A lot of the time 'change' is associated with negativity and like all negative things they aren't supposed to be brought up in conversation. You changing as a person is you growing and acknowledging you don't have to be the same person you were. However with change comes peoples opinions.. Don't let someone tell you who you can and can't be- trust me it's not worth sacrificing yourself and your way of living because someone doesn't agree with it. 

We are human and not one human stays the same, through experiences we evolve as an individual and we change, it's called living. We were born to live, we are here to live, so what are you waiting for? Go live and find yourself.

*Disclaimer: All pictures in this post are of/by Pereen Singh*

Sarah x

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