I Love Myself

Yep it's all in the title.. I love myself. I'm sure there were a few thoughts when reading that, along the lines of 'what a vain bitch.' Why is that? Why is as soon as someone says something remotely close to "I love myself" we automatically think that's not right and the vain thoughts and eye rolls are triggered. It all comes back to society and what is portrayed in society as right and wrong.  We are encouraged to love and accept ourselves, yet as soon as we say it out loud it's viewed and judged as being 'vain and self-obsessed.' 

I use to think loving yourself was all about your physical appearance, I would strive to be something I wasn't, all in the name of society. I reached a point where I liked what I saw in the mirror but I still wasn't happy and content. I realized I neglected myself internally. Without connecting yourself to yourself for yourself that pretty face is just that, a pretty face. You may be approached for your physical features but you will be remember by your internal ones. 

Loving yourself is simply about taking care of yourself, prioritizing yourself and doing what's best for you. Take away the stigma that loving yourself is a bad thing and is all ego related. I love myself, no. I fucking love myself and before your judgmental thoughts come out maybe you should too? 


Sarah x 


Sarah ReedyComment