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An important part of recovery is feeling your best from the outside within. I hate people staring at me, assuming that I'm sick because of my slim face and abnormal pale complexion. I'm not saying we should wear make up to look pretty. No, this is about feeling good within our own skin- sick or not everyone strives for that. I'm no way an expert, in fact I've only started playing around with make up in the last couple of months. Nonetheless here are some basic pointers from me to you if you're just a wee beginner starting out like me in the big make up world. 


Number one priority when starting out is go to a make up counter and get a professional to help match the right shade for you. This is super duper important because it avoids you having to guess work your colour and of course the awful orange tan make up face! For me, I chose a Bobby Brown foundation. To be honest I haven't tried many foundations, the ones I have tried were cheaper yes but the quality of the liquid made my skin feel heavy and cakey. I was skeptical to try Bobby Brown as the price for me was off putting- spending that amount of money on one product is usually a sure sign on the put down and walk away scenario. However, I was so surprised to find that this foundation is not heavy and is so easy for a rookie like me to apply. My skin thanks me for getting that right foundation every time I wear it. For me, it's quality of quantity. This Bobby Brown foundation was $80 all up and $50 for a new one (you pay for the whole case the first time round) but it was worth every cent. I would recommend it for not only first time make up'ees but for anyone looking to invest in a new foundation. 

For concealer I went with an affordable well- known brand which is pretty much available anywhere- Revlon Photoready. Similar to the foundation you need to know your colour so it can blend nicely in with your foundation. This is my first concealer I have tried so I have nothing to compare it with. it's a lipstick type of applicator, which the way I see it you either like it or you don't. I feel like it isn't as good of coverage as a liquid concealer but for a beginner it's easy to use and to get the idea of it. 

For mascara I went with the good old Maybelline Colossal Volume Express in black. In my opinion you can never go wrong with Maybelline mascara. It makes my eyelashes appear longer and just defines them nicely, not too over the top. It's affordable and easy to get your hands on, perfect for day to day wear. 


For eye-shadow, highlight, bronzer and  blush I went for the Chi Chi palette. It has everything you need all in one and is easy for a beginner to use because of the range of colours. I play around with the different shades and find this palette helpful because it's all in one. It has all types of shades- light/dark, matte and sparkly, something for everyone. For only $40, there's nothing to complain about.

Brushes are another purchase you need to think carefully about. Setting yourself up with some good quality brushes is important for the way your make up is applied and how the finished product looks. For starting my collection I went for the Revlon brush set. It contains 6 brushes and a pencil sharper. It's a good set to buy if you're just starting out or looking for a new brush set. 


Hope this helps someone recovering or not,

Sarah x 





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