Style Lookbook: Spoonie Edition

Everyone likes to look good, whether it's for themselves or someone else. Looking good makes you feel good and who doesn't want that?! Fashion has always been a big part of me. I like to look good to feel good. If I like what my outfit I'm guaranteed to feel more confident and be more happy- I know I'm not the only one. My own style has taken a backseat since I got sick, more often than not I spend my days in my pj's. I used to and still do find it a challenge to find something to wear but having CFS on top of it makes it so much more of a chore to get dressed.. (spoonies will know the feeling.) 

So here's a spoonies' edition/inspo on how to look good on them days you don't feel good or just a casual day lookbook to make getting dressed a little bit less of a chore.. 

Ps: I'm wearing sunglasses because I have the worst swollen hay-fever eyes! 

Sarah x 

Look One: This outfit is both effortless and super comfy. Good for them days when you aren't feeling the best but have to look somewhat presentable.   

What I'm wearing: 

  • Ripped boyfriend jeans: Just Jeans
  • Grey spaghetti strapped bodysuit: Glassons
  • Rings: Lovisa 
  • Sunglasses: Dotti 



Look Two: A casual dress is a perfect way look like you have put in effort when you really haven't. This dress is simple but with the off the shoulder creates an edgy look. If you are anything like me and dislike wearing jeans then this look will be your go-to. A casual dress is a must in everyone's wardrobe! 

What I'm wearing: 

  • Dress: Boohoo
  • Denim jacket: Factorie
  • Shoes: Adidas Neo 

Look Three: Again this look is super comfy and stylish. Off the shoulder knits are a good way to add a statement and something different to your look. Rip jeans are also a good basic to have in your wardrobe as you can pair them with a basic top and you're good to go! 

What I'm wearing: 

  • Off the shoulder knit: Boohoo
  • Ripped jeans: Valley girl 
  • Shoes: Adidas Neo 


Look Four: Out of all the looks this one is by far the most comfy! Nothing screams casual more than black and white paired together. The top is basic but with the added tie at the front adds something more and still looks cute. This one of the outfits I wear the most!  

What I'm wearing: 

  • Basic Tee: Boohoo 

Look Five: You can never go wrong with a black dress. They're super simple to dress up with a necklace, jacket and black boots or dress down with sandals or trainers. I love with dress with the rib fabric effect and the cutout shoulders- a good dress for transitioning into spring. 

What I'm wearing: 

  • Black dress: Boohoo
  • Denim Jacket: Factorie
  • Boots: Hannahs-Lipstik 




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