10 Ways To Help Your Chronic Illness:



Chronic fatigue is a never-ending battle and sometimes it feels like there is nothing you can do to help it. Through my ongoing battle I found 10 things that helped ease the pain..


1. Running a bath: There is something relaxing about letting your body float in water, not having to hold yourself up. For them days when your chronic pain is through the roof, try having a bath. Not only does it help with your aching joints, it helps relax your mind as well. Adding bath salts and a Lush bath bomb will without doubt do the trick, you will come out feeling 10x physically and mentally more relaxed. It soothes the mind, body and soul so why not give it a go? 

2. Massages: Lying in bed, not being mobile for a long period of time can do more harm than good to your body. Anyone with a chronic illness will be able to relate to this. Your body is more stiff, achy and stressed. Putting stress on the body only means it needs more care and attention. A way to do this is to get regular massages. Believe it or not massages help a lot more than you may think, especially when they are consistent. Taking an hour a week to give your body some extra attention it needs is some important in helping your recovery. A weekly massage is something I look forward to and is something I know my body thanks me for. 

3. Naps: Listening to your body is vital if you want to help manage your chronic illness. Sleep helps your body repair itself and when your body is fighting 24/7 it needs all the time it can get to do that. If your body wants to rest, than let it- chances are you need it more than you think. 

4. Yoga: While resting is needed, so is keeping your body moving. Your body is made to be active so finding a low impact exercise you can do is important. For me, that exercise is yoga. A good place to start is doing 30 days of yoga with 'Yoga with Adrienne.' It's something you can do in your own home and the benefits to your body will speak for itself. 

5. Sun: believe or not the sun doesn't only help with getting a tan but it does your whole body including your mood the world of good. Get outside- whether it's for 10 minutes or 2 hours, summer or winter, make an effort to get outside. If you suffer from a chronic illness your body thrives for vitamin D. Lack of this vitamin can cause your body to be more weak and more fatigued. And if where you live doesn't provide enough sun, maybe you should book yourself an island holiday.. 

6. Vitamin Supplements: If you aren't getting the right vitamins and minerals it will take your body a lot longer to recover.  In order for your body to work at it's full potential it needs the right vitamins, if you need a little extra help getting them then supplements may be what you're looking for.

7. Snacks: I struggle with eating 3 meals a day, sometimes I struggle with eating one meal a day. I've found rather than eating until you're full at one time, regular snacking during the day can be more efficient and can help your body process and break down food better.  Just make sure you're snacking on nutrient rich food, with the odd treat now and then..

8. Good Company: Surrounding yourself with good people is a no brainer. You realize who your true friends are when you going through a tough time. Living with an invisible illness is hard when not everyone is accepting of it. Being around those people who understand is so important- they are the people that matter and they are the people who will be there when you come out the other side. 

9. Gratitude Journal: Throughout my recovery I have good day and I have bad days. When them bad days hit I can't help but think negatively about life. Someone suggested on them days I should keep and write in a gratitude journal. Basically a gratitude journal is where you think of and write down everything you're grateful for. It changes your mindset into thinking positively and helps them bad days be a little bit easier. 

10. Set Goals: Set goals to help motivate yourself helps you have somewhat of a normal life and makes you feel like you have accomplished something. Big or small, a goal is a goal and there is no greater feeling when you have achieved it. 

Sarah x 


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