Things That I Wish I Could Experience Again Without Illness:

These things are something we all take advantage of, we do them without thinking and experience them without even realising. It's a classic case of 'you don't know what you had, until it's gone.' This list is exactly what I had and what I want back more than anything.. 

- Waking up refreshed every morning.

- Not having to plan the day around energy levels.

- Not having to worry about what time you get home.

- That rewarding feeling that comes with working out.

- Happy exhaustion after dancing all night.

- Eating what you want without having to worry if it will make you worse.

- That happy feeling after being outside in the sun all day.

- Spontaneously going out with your friends. 

- Feeling in control of your body.

- That joy that comes with working out, feeling like you achieved something.

- Napping as a luxury, not as a necessity.

- Not dealing with constant pain and fatigue knowing that this may be your reality for life. 


Sarah x   

Sarah ReedyComment