2016: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

2016.. You've been a right bitch to say the least. No, but seriously I am glad this year is over. This year has been filled with every good, bad and ugly moments you could ever think of and it's thrown me right in the deep end. Here's a wee recap of my 2016.. 


Let's start on a positive note. When I sit and recap this year there wasn't a lot of good, but that's not to say there wasn't any. Quality over quantity right? One of the best things that had happened to me among all the shit is saying 'yes.' As lame as it sounds saying that three letter word is what sparked all the good things. I said yes to new people, new experiences, new opportunities. I made the decision to leave school (which got some disapproval judgement) because I needed to solely focus on myself and my recovery. My education may be on the back burner for now but that's not to say it's gone for good, just for now. Without the stress of school I have come so far in my recovery, physically and mentally. A little under a year ago I could barely leave my bed, now I can get up almost every day. It may seem stupid but it's things like that that made my year worthwhile.. the progress, the achievements. Taking the time out from doing normal teenage things paid off and I couldn't be happier with the decisions I made despite what others thought. Now I couldn't forget about the blog. Honestly creating and making this blog public was probably one of them most nerve wrecking things I have done this year but it was worth it. It has helped keep me sane when I was cooped up in bed and has changed my attitude towards life in general for the better. 


Now is there ever any good without some bad? Without risking sounding like a negative person there was more bad moments than I could count. My attitude going into 2016 wasn't a good one and honestly that reflected a lot on the year that I had. I experienced my first proper loss of friendship and let me tell you nothing can prepare you for it. It was one thing after another with my health.. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had a hard time accepting that others didn't think I was sick and a harder accepting it myself- I couldn't accept that I was sick and I didn't want to accept it. Lets just say mentally it was hard year. There were times I lost motivation and inspiration to carry this blog on. And that's when self doubt crept in. Is my blog good enough? What are people saying about me? Thankfully that lifted and going into 2017 I couldn't care less.


Well 2016 has been an emotional one. But it's taught me things that I wouldn't know otherwise. I'm beyond excited to start a new year where I am a little bit healthier than the last. Thank you for all the support this year and I can't wait to see Road to Recovering continue to grow. 


Happy New Year

Sarah X

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