It's Okay

Everyday you don't have to be happy. You're human and with that comes human emotions, that even if you don't want to they need to be felt. It's okay to allow yourself to feel scared, lost, unsure of yourself and feel like complete shit- as long as you know that there is always tomorrow. There is another day to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and re-evaluate. Never let them bad days, them days that are only human to define your life and who you are. Them days help you become a better version of yourself. Never settle for how your life is at the moment- create your own reality that you want to be your life. With that comes patience and lots of it, but never lose sight of your goals and what you want. No matter who you are, every single one of us goes through hard times and mental struggles. It's how we deal with these struggles and our resilience to ourselves that truly shape us. Throughout my recovery I have learnt that at that time the emotions that I felt were understandable and didn't need to be justified.. Never feel stupid or embarrassed about how you feel because it's valid. We notice negativity but sometimes we never do anything about it.. finding ways to reduce negativity from your life is so important to keeping a clear mind. Always surround yourself with positive people and things that you love to keep your spirit lifted. Never forget about the importance of self-love and to put trust in yourself. 


Sarah x 

Sarah ReedyComment