What I've Learnt

In life you never do really stop learning. And it doesn't have to be inside a classroom either. I mean I have learnt a lot from lying in bed being sick- mostly life lessons. People warn you about all the bad things that can happen in life, all this words of wisdom, but you never really 100% believe them. You see it as them being over-protective and thinking "that will never happen to me." Like you, I thought this exact same thing. I was naive. I assumed that most people were understanding and accepting. You don't believe what they say until you experience it, until it is your reality. So here's what I've learnt: 1) I've learnt not everyone is understanding and accepting especially when it's something that lacks in education.  2) People who are close to you are sometimes the very people that will tear you down. 3) You can't change people. You can never change the way someone thinks about something, you cannot change their views- so why try? Honestly, it's not worth your time if they don't understand let them. 4) Let go of the negative people. This is a biggie for me, you will never feel content with yourself if there is constant negativity around you. Trust me letting go of that will be the best thing you have ever done- your mind, body and soul will thank you for it. 5) Learn to enjoy your own company. This is still something I am learning to do. I was forced to stand by myself throughout my recovery. To be my own support system and to be the only person I know I can rely on. Of course i wasn't completely alone, I had my family. But when you are so used to having people around you that you thought were there for you and were there to help you- it is a big adjustment. Of course I feel alone and feel isolated from the world around me, especially now I am not at school but I wouldn't change what has happened. It's shaped me into the person I am today and that person won't be defined as being alone. I wouldn't wish what has happened to me on anyone, I wouldn't wish anyone in this world to feel like they are alone. But with all negatives come positives; how does that quote go " what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" I couldn't agree more..

Sarah x 

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