In the Spirit of Mother's Day

Growing up I never understood the real meaning behind Mother's Day. To me it was just another day, expect we give Mum a present and say thank you to her. Now I understand the true meaning behind the words Mothers Day. It's a day we dedicate to all the mum's out there who put us- their children before themselves. One day shouldn't be the only day we appreciate them, it's an all year round thing. No, it doesn't have to be presents. All it needs to be is a reminder to her how much you do love and appreciate her. For me, my Mum has been there every step of the way through my sickness and recovery with her unconditional love and support- something I couldn't thank her enough for. She's my role model and my rock. Mama- Happy Mother's Day, I love you. 


Sarah x  




Sarah ReedyComment