A Note To Remember: Authenticity Baby

 No matter your field of work there comes a time when you struggled with what you do. Blogging definitely has its perks, but it also has its downfalls. 

Recently I have been struggling with others not being authentic to themselves and using my ideas as their own. As someone who craves authenticity it's so disheartening and makes me sad to see that people aren't being original to themselves. In any creative world, this happens and it happens more than you think.. when it shouldn't as its an industry that thrives on being original. I'm not going to lie it got me down a lot, to the point where I thought what's the point in writing and blogging if I'm not being credited for my own work and ideas. (Especially with being sick and dealing with brain fog, writing posts takes me a lot longer than the average blogger.)

Surprisingly this kind of thing doesn't just happen with small blogs, it happens with successful blogs that have a big following- taking small blogs work and claiming it as their own, (I know  few people/blogs this has happened to.) It's so frustrating and honestly there is nothing worse. If you see something someone has written/created it's totally fine to take inspiration from it. But there is a big difference between taking inspiration and taking it all. Or if you take an exert from someone's writing or photo make sure you credit them or else you could find yourself in a place you don't want to be in. 

Thinking up inspiration and ideas is what makes blogging worthwhile- (seeing your ideas come to life and having others enjoy it, as well as raising awareness is why I set up my blog)-it's the foundation for it. Without finding and having the foundation on your own, your whole post/blog is something that isn't you and isn't being true to you. Being passionate about something is that thing should be wholeheartedly your own.

A note remember: always, always be authentic. Don't sell yourself short by using someone else's ideas. Everyone can be creative, you just have to dig a little deeper to find it sometimes. C'mon authenticity baby!

Sarah X

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