My Travel Diary || Cruise Around The Islands

I'm back and what better way to start it off than with my attempt at a travel diary! ( I am no travel blogger). If you know me you would know that I have always wanted to travel around the islands and this year it finally happened! This getaway was exactly what I needed when I needed it. Cruising around the islands was without a doubt the most relaxing thing I have ever done! Mentally and physically it was what I needed and it re taught me the importance of slowing down, taking time for myself and doing things by myself (but that's for another post).   


Now you may hear the word 'cruise' and one thing may pop in your mind "cruises are for old people." A few years back that may have been the case and I probably would've agreed with you but let me tell you it's far from the truth now! While yes there are some cruises that are suited for the elderly but nowadays more and more younger people are choosing to cruise and honestly I don't recommend anything else.


I cruised with Royal Caribbean, Explorer of the Seas and they are a cruise line I will forever rave about!There's nothing quite like the cruise life and nothing can beat it.. unlimited food/drinks, live shows, 10 decks of entertainment- mini golf, ice skating, pools/spas, lounging in the sun and the best part literally everything is taken care of for you! 

Honestly you have to see and experience it for yourself but for now here’s a wee insight of what I got up to on my travels and I hope it inspires you to try out the cruise life! 

Day One: Disembarked from Sydney! 

Days One to Four were spent sailing at sea. My sea days included exploring the ship, lounging in the sun and going bar to bar to find the best one on board.. Oh and a few too many cocktails may have been consumed (oops).

When we finally reached land our first port of call was Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. There is only one word that comes to mind when I think of that island and that is paradise. The photos do not do this place and beach justice! 

The next port of call we got off at was Mystery Island, Vanuatu. This island has no one living on it and I think that in itself is part of the attraction. It takes a total of 15 minutes to walk around the whole island, how crazy is that?! Here I was meant to go snorkeling but unfortunately due to a sudden change in tide and blue bottles it got cancelled..  Nevertheless this was my favourite island! 

And as you can tell for the rest of the time onboard I was making the most of being in 'holiday mode.' Which consisted mostly of getting some much needed sun (I got one hell of a tan), being made fun of for my accent by the fellow Australians onboard and experimenting with drinks at my local the R-bar! Let me tell you being hungover and suffering from sea sickness (hence the sea bands in most photos) is not 100% a good idea, at least I wasn't the only one! Oh and being at sea is no exception for not getting all glammed up for the famous formal night! This trip was exactly what my heart, soul and pale body needed and it was one I'll remember!!  


PS: A holiday health update and an indepth holiday post will be coming your way soon. 


Sarah X 

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